Krakow is Poland’s cultural center and its most popular tourist destination. Among the city’s architectural treasures is the former Wawel Castle that is a must-see, along with the numerous monuments of Old Town. At its center, visitors will find the largest market square in Europe, including the iconic Sukiennice (Cloth Hall), a Krakow landmark since the 14th century. Old Town is encircled by a charming ring-shaped park called Planty, perfect for a tranquil break from sightseeing. Artistic treasures include the Polish Art Nouveau masterpieces and the art galleries of Kazimierz, the former Jewish District. The vibrant ambiance of the city is enhanced by the eclectic mix of restaurants, pubs, bars, and clubs. Krakow i salso very close to former concentration Nazi camp in Auschwitz and Salt Mines in Wieliczka. No visit to Poland would be complete without a visit to this city.