At Prime Travel, data is part of the core business strategy and part of the healthy balance of plan, IT and statistics work in harmony. These core competencies allow us to work in a big data ecosystem reducing uncertainty and driving better decisions. 

Our success attributed to the high level of application knowledge and technical expertise brought to our group by highly qualified and technically proficient personnel, with years of experience both in the software and hospitality industry. Highly skilled and trained engineers – all considered experts in especially algorithmic efficiency, data science, machine learning and microservices – are responsible for strategic implementation on the web. 

Prime Travel’s extensive product and service offering supplemented with our provision of optimum technical solutions and the highest levels of support. We provide development support to our partners includes remote/on-site training through to delivery accuracy. Last but not least, here is the buzzword bingo from our engineering team: Go, Angular, node.js on Azure Functions, Open source, NoSQL, TypeScript, and Jest!